MyMurdoch Help - Frequently Asked Questions

MyMurdoch is a Web-based application that enables information specific to you to be aggregated or pulled together from different sources at Murdoch and displayed within Web pages. MyMurdoch, is a personal portal, as you identify yourself at login and the information displayed depends on that identification process.

When you login to MyMurdoch, you will find content that includes information about your Course and Unit enrolment; links to your Unit Materials in the Learning Management System (LMS) and Lecture Capture System (LCS); your Personal Calendar based on the classes you have enrolled in via the 'MyInfo' system; and the Booklists for your Units.

MyMurdoch is also used to 'push' data to you. For example, you will find content that includes current issues with computing facilities and services, such as alerts on the 'MyUnits' page for scheduled downtime for the LMS, or on the 'MyInfo' page for technical problems with the 'MyInfo' system.

MyMurdoch uses its Home page to offer a Notice Board for events and activities such as class sign-up, parking permits and elections and it lists recent University announcements, news and events. Alerts for system downtime are also displayed on the Home Page and on other pages.

The MyMurdoch Web pages are referred to as portal pages. These pages use portlets to display content.

A portal is a Web-based application that provides personalization, single sign-on and content aggregation from different sources, and hosts the presentation layer of information systems. Aggregation is the process of integrating content from different sources within a Web page. A portal may have sophisticated personalization features to provide customized content to users. Portal pages may have different sets of portlets creating content for different users.
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MyMurdoch, the Student Portal, can be accessed by:

  1. Selecting a link | MyMurdoch | often displayed on the top horizontal navigation bar
  2. or, by using the Search box on the right hand side of the top of the University Home Page and searching on the term "mymurdoch", or, "student portal".

When you select a MyMurdoch link, a MAIS login screen will display.

At the login screen you will need to enter your Murdoch Username and Murdoch Password.

If you have forgotten your password, refer to Murdoch Password Help (Students).

MAIS Login Screen - Error Message

If, after entering your Murdoch Username and Murdoch Password at the MAIS login screen, the MAIS Server returns the login screen with an error message, this may be due to the full authentication process not completing successfully. Successful login requires a login session to be created in the MAIS database.

Check the IT Service Status to see if a notice has been posted to advise users of a known problem with login to MyMurdoch.

If there is no notice, to assist us to resolve technical problems with MyMurdoch's infrastructure, please contact the IT Service Desk on (08) 9360 2000. Please have the following information available when you phone:

  • recently enrolled, or re-enrolled after a break from studying at Murdoch
  • any recent name change (eg. recently married; spelling correction)
  • the URL of the page reporting an error message
  • the wording of any error message

When you login to MyMurdoch, you will also be logged into the Murdoch Authentication & Identification System, or MAIS. This means that when you select a link from a portal page to a system or service that usually requires you to enter your Murdoch Username and Murdoch Password (at a MAIS Login screen), you may not be prompted to login again unless a set time period has elapsed and your login session details held in the MAIS database are too 'old'.

If you select a link to a system or service that does not use the MAIS login screen (eg. My Library, Library's Reserve and eReserve, Webmail), you will be prompted to login again.

Tools and systems to support you in your studies at Murdoch have been grouped together into a set of web pages. These pages are referred to as portal pages, and collectively they offer the MyMurdoch content.

To assist you to navigate MyMurdoch, a vetical menu on the right hand side, with a number of tabs, enables you to move between the portal pages.

The menu tabs are:-

To find information resources not available via MyMurdoch, use the Further Information portlet located in the bottom region on all portal pages.

A logout link is provided on each portal page on the right hand side of the Status bar, next to the Help link and your name and Murdoch Username.

You are advised to use this logout link at all times to ensure that when you have accessed a MAIS restricted system or service from a portal page, you have not only logged out from the MAIS database, but also from the 'MyInfo' system, the Learning Management System (LMS) and LCS.

Please be aware that if you login to MyMurdoch in a public area such as the Library, or in a computing laboratory, and then leave the area without using the logout option provided, then, depending on whether or not your MAIS database session has timed out, you may have allowed another person to have access to your personal details.

After using the logout link it is recommended that you close your Web browser.

Portlets are web components specifically designed to be aggregated in the context of a composite page. Usually, many portlets are invoked into the single request of a portal page ...

Examples of portlets

Personal Details

The Personal Details portlet is included on the 'MyInfo' page. It displays data pulled from the Student Management System (MyInfo).

Unit Materials

One of the most complex portlets is the Unit Materials portlet displayed on the 'MyUnits' page. It uses a datafeed that includes the links to Online Units in the Learning Management System (LMS), to lectures in the Lecture Capture System (LCS), as well as to Unit pages in the Handbook, to lists of learning materials in Reserve and eReserve, plus links to Unit discussions, quizzes and assignments.

  • Bookshop Booklist
  • Careers & Employment
  • Course and Unit Enrolment
  • Further Information
  • Help Services
  • IT Service Status
  • Looking for Help?
  • Murdoch Announcements
  • Murdoch Events
  • Murdoch Local Time
  • Murdoch News
  • MyAnswers (FAQs)
  • MyInfo Access
  • MyMurdoch FAQ
  • Notice Board
  • OCC Unread Messages
  • Official Communications Channel (OCC)
  • Personal Calendar
  • Personal Details
  • Unit Materials
  • Unit Results
  • User Identification
  • Welcome to MyMurdoch

The portal pages use regions, or allocated chunks of space. Each region includes one or more portlets. All pages have a top region, a left hand side region, a right hand side region, and a bottom region. For some portal pages the left hand side region may be divided into two regions, depending on the number of portlets in use on the page and on the requirements for the display of data. For example, the left hand side region on the 'MyUnits' page is one area, wide enough for the Unit Materials portlet. This allows for the display of Unit Codes, Unit Titles, and the set of icons for the online resources.

The portlets make use of a feature known as Content aggregation.

A number of the portlets interact with University computer systems that host your data. The content is aggregated, or pulled, usually by interaction with different databases, and integrated for display or presentation within portlets on the portal pages. The content displayed is thus dynamic, although caching of data is used for reliability and for responsiveness. Because caching is used, some portlets may include a disclaimer or warning about data displayed being out of date.

The databases for these systems are hosted on a number of different computers at Murdoch. The time taken to pull data from a database and display the data in a portlet may be affected by the complexity of the query to the database, the processing capacity of the computer hosting the database, and the setup for the caching of data. Data is cached so that if a database for a system is unavailable for technical reasons (eg. an upgrade of a system), then you will still be able to view data, though not necessarily the most current data.

In addition to displaying your personal data, such as your enrolment details, portlets display content based on what Units you are enrolled in, eg. Booklists, Careers information.

The systems and services from which data is currently sourced include:

Announcements System
BookNet System
Calendaring System
Enquiries Management System (RightNow)
Learning Management System (LMS)
Lecture Capture System (LCS)
Library Management System (Sierra)
Murdoch Authentication & Identification System (MAIS)
Murdoch Online Survey System (MOSS)
Official Communications Channel System (OCC)
Student Management System (Callista)

Yes,the MyMurdoch Home Page uses the Notice Board to display information about activities, especially those with a timeframe. For example, at the beginning of the year you will see notices about Classes Sign-up and Parking Permits, Census Dates, and later in the year, for Re-enrolment, and Unit Results.

The bottom region of each portal page offers a Further Information portlet. This portlet includes a set of 'Quick Links', a keyword search and a browse function.

  1. Quick Links offered may change over time. Most resources may be accessed via single sign-on (also known as login persistence). Other resources, such as My Library, require login.
  2. Keyword Search displays search results under 3 tabs, |A to Z|, |Units|, |People|, with the number of hits for each of those 3 categories.
  3. A to Z

    The A to Z search results present a filtered view of search results from the Murdoch A to Z Index, retrieving entries for resources flagged in the Links database as relevant to students and displaying them in a hierarchical listing.


    The Units search results present as a list of links to relevant entries in the Handbook.


    The People search results present as a list of entries in the Campus Directory, which may be for people, or for services, eg. Student Centre.

  4. Browse displays search results from the full Murdoch A to Z Index for entries with titles beginning with a letter of the alphabet. You can select a letter to retrieve results displayed in a hierarchical listing, or Search the full A to Z Index, or use the Browse by Category option and select from categories such as Administration, Committees, Facilities & Services, Information Technology, Policies, Schools, Teaching & Learning, and then browse or search within a category.